Shave and Grow for Clean Water

Last year I had the privilege of running the LA Half Marathon to raise money to build clean water wells in Africa. This year, being pregnant, I just didn’t feel it was the best idea to be running 13.1 miles. I was so sick for those first months that I don’t know that it would have even been possible.

The World Vision Clean Water Fund is an amazing cause. Every day more than 4,000 children die due to preventable diseases related to their dirty water and other sanitation problems. We are so overwhelmed by a number like “4,000” that we are almost numb to it. 4,000 just seems like a number. But there are actual people attached to those numbers. Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers are all devastated to look on as their loved ones die. If you were that mother or father, what would you give to get clean water to your child?? What would it mean to you if someone on the other side of the planet, whom you would likely never meet, cared enough to use a small portion of their resources to get clean water to your family? I cannot even begin to imagine the lengths I would go to ensure the health of my children, nieces, nephews, friends… What would you give?

Every night these families go to bed just to get up the next day and walk many miles to a dirty, disease ridden hole of water. They walk that far to get water to live. We all know that water is necessary for survival. But the water they’re getting to live, is the very same water that will probably kill them. It reminds me of what it would be like to be stranded at sea. You need to drink water to live…but the only water you have access to will kill you. What a nightmare!

There is something you can do, though! We can all take part and give what we can to get clean water to these villages! While I know I cannot run a half marathon right now, there is something I CAN do. If we can, as a community, raise $1,000 toward the World Vision Clean Water Fund, then I will shave my head. (If it is enough hair, I will donate it). Also, my brother will grow out his hair long enough to donate it in that honor as well.

Please consider making a donation of any amount. There are two ways you can donate for this cause:
1. Go to the World Vision website and make a donation of any amount. Then, send me a screen capture confirming your donation amount. You can email me at

2. Mail a check written out to World Vision to me and I will send them all in a lump to World Vision toward the Clean Water Fund.

Your donations are tax deductible. The easiest way would likely be to go online and make a donation, but if you’re not comfortable with that, then I am happy to mail the checks. If you know you want to donate, but cannot do it right away, send me an email, note, or Facebook post with your pledge and I will remind you about it in April, or once the $1,000 in donations/pledges is reached…whichever comes sooner!


Thank you for considering a donation toward this worthy cause! (See the image below for my current hair length and an image of my oldest for my estimated new length…yikes!)




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