Update-Cloth Diapers

If you have been curious about what cloth diapering is like, then it might be best to visit my previous post.  This is simply an update about some diapers that I had purchased and had not yet gotten a chance to use them.

I had mentioned, in my previous post, that if I was to try some new diapers again that I would go with the Best Bottom Diapers or the bumGenius! Flip System.  When I wrote this post I was pregnant with my 2nd son, Levi.  My 2-year old was still in diapers and using our bumGenius! All-In-One One Size diapers and they were literally falling apart well-loved.  (If you read my previous post, you’ll read some of the reasons why that is)  I decided I’d better invest in a few more diapers for our son, Levi.  So, I purchased some of the two diapers mentioned above.  Here is what I’ve found.

The Best Bottom Diapers are super cute and come in all kinds of fun colors and designs including a fun cow print.  We ordered “Chunky Monkey”.  So, more importantly, how do they work??  Best Bottom Diapers are a pocket-type diaper.  This means that the cotton inside and the water-proof outside are separable.  Let’s go through the pros & cons of this specific diaper.

First off, this diaper washes & dries very quickly.  This is a great help from the All-in-One diapers.  During wintery or windy days, when hanging my diapers out on the line to dry would be very inconvenient, I have been able to just put them inside on a compact clothes drying rack (like this).  It does not take very long at all to dry.  Why is it so important that diapers dry so quickly??  Well, there’s a faster turnover, so you don’t necessarily have to invest in as many diapers.

Another great thing about this diaper is that the insert actually snaps inside the diaper cover.  This is so wonderful compared to other pocket diapers that can tend to move around with a wiggly baby.  The snaps are sturdy and keep the absorbent pad in place.

Speaking of absorbent pads–this pad is super absorbent.  We purchased the basic “Stay Dry” insert, so I can’t really say how absorbent the hemp ones are, but the “Stay Dry” is really great…and less expensive.

As far as cost goes, I would say that these are really a fair price.  We purchased the smallest package which included 3 shells and 9 inserts.  Do I think this is enough??  No.  If I had ONLY this diaper for my kiddo, I would be realistic and purchase their largest package.  I am saying this completely honestly.  Nicki’s Diapers has NOTHING to do with my posts and I have never been paid for any of my endorsements as to the quality of their products.  I am simply saying this from the last 3 years worth of cloth-diapering experience. The more you have, the less you’ll have to do laundry.  If you’re headed for your first child, it may not seem like a big deal, but it is nice to not have to do a ton of laundry…and when you find yourself down to 1 or 2 inserts and a full diaper pail, you’ll wish you had purchased more.

Keep in mind how many inserts you’ll need for each weight.  The small size goes from birth-14 lbs, Medium goes from 11-22 lbs, and Large is 16-35+.  Newborns tend to need their diapers changed very frequently.  My second son needed a diaper change 3-4 times a night for the first couple months.  While this is pretty unusual, I want you to realize that it can happen.  Most newborns get their diapers changed once every couple hours…and sometimes more.  It isn’t that unusual for them to go immediately after you change a diaper.  I say this because you’re going to be one sad mama (or daddy) when you go through all of your diapers within a day.  24 inserts should last a newborn about 2 days…maybe 3.  But, take heart!  This phase doesn’t last forever.  Pretty soon you’ll be changing diapers every 4 or 5 hours and, hopefully, not at all at night.  My little guy weighed over 14 lbs by his 4 month visit and my oldest was over 10 lbs by the end of his first month.  So know that they will be moving from one size to the next fairly quickly.  You may be considering that it might be more cost-effective to hang out in disposable diapers until they reach a weight/size where they’ll hang out for a while.  Don’t be fooled.  Disposables, even the store-brand, are very expensive and you’ll go through them really quickly.  So don’t think you’ll save anything that way.  I would not consider myself to be very “granola” (no offense to those of you who are…you know who you are), so I would have no qualms with having a diaper raffle baby shower and asking specifically for sizes 1-2 to get you through those first few months as you head into a size medium if you’re trying to save a few bucks.

OK…on with the PROS.  These diapers are quick and easy to use.  They don’t take a rocket scientist to figure them out.  (Where did that saying come from, anyway?  Why do rocket scientists seem to know how to do EVERYthing??  I digress…)  I think I’ve really hit everything.

So what stinks about them??  Well, like most cloth diapers, they do kinda stink sometimes…but you can strip them when necessary.  Check out my previous post to get more info on stripping diapers.  If you have a size that is too big, you might end up with some messes…so make sure they’re in an appropriate size.  They’re not quite as quick of a change as an All-in-One, One Size diaper, but, again, they’re not complicated either.  Just be prepared to get pee on your hands…and maybe poop sometimes too.  Really, that’s it.  I can’t think of anything bad about them.

Bottom line:  Would I recommend buying these diapers??  Absolutely.

So, the bumGenius! Flip system… OK.  So these are OK and come in really cute colors.  I really like their concept, but if they attached inside the diaper, they’d be a lot better.  You can read a little bit about them on their site, but they have tried to combine the All-in-One, One Size diaper into a pocket diaper.  Again, I really love this concept.  It makes the investment way easier on the wallet because you don’t need to buy 24 of each insert size. (YAY!)  The insert adjusts in size by folding at the labeled creases.  Again, this is easier to understand if you go to the site and look at the description.  The shell is a one-size fits all as well.  If they found a better way to keep the inserts in place, I would LOVE this diaper.  But honestly, the insert really wiggled around until my little guy was big enough to just put it at the large setting.  Other than the wiggly insert, I would say that it carries on the pros as the previous diaper.  They dry quickly, easy to wash, easy to use…just not as easy as the Best Bottom diaper.  Sorry, bumGenius!.

Bottom line: Would I recommend buying these diapers??  Well…that’s more complicated.  I’d ask you more questions about your budget and ability to purchase more inserts…etc.  So, I wouldn’t say to absolutely NOT buy them and I wouldn’t say they’re PERFECT either.  It just depends, but they’re not my favorite.  Are we still using them?  Of course.  I bought ’em, so I’m keeping ‘ em!

So, of the 3 types of cloth diapers that I own, which would I purchase again?  If I had no financial constraints, I’d purchase the bumGenius! Organic One-Size AIO and lots of ’em.  I originally bought them with Velcro, but I would definitely purchase them with snaps.  Why??  they’re just so darn easy to use.  There is nothing special that you have to do.  The only con is that they take a long time to dry…which is why I’d buy so many of them.  In the real world, knowing that most of us have financial constraints, I would purchase the Best Bottom Diaper…hands down!  I truly believe that Nicki’s Diapers got it right with a fair balance between ease of use, ease of care, and ease on the wallet.

Good luck!  I’d love to hear any of your questions or comments on cloth diapering.  Remember, it is way easier than it sounds and will save you a TON of money in the end.  I would recommend cloth diapering to any family on a budget.


2 thoughts on “Update-Cloth Diapers

  1. We use Best Bottoms too. The best part is, the store is close by here, and you can by used inserts for a cheaper price. We love them too. It’s great because my son (3 1/2 months) uses the same shells as my nephew 2 1/2 years!

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