4th of July Party

On Mother’s Day of last year my in-laws told us they were thinking about buying a rental house.  They were hoping that we would want to move in and rent it from them.  At the time I was pregnant with my 2nd son, Levi and we were living in a decent sized, 2 bedroom, upstairs apartment that did not have a washer or dryer.  We really liked our apartment.  The managers were great.  The apartment was actually a pretty good size!  The 2nd bedroom was bigger than the master and both rooms had great closet space.  The fixtures were all updated and it really just felt like home.  We knew, though, that the trek from the parking lot, through the complex, up the stairs and over to our door was going to be really tough once a 2nd baby came…especially with groceries.  It was already extremely difficult being pregnant and having a 2 year old to do the trek with.  (So that’s how I kept off the pregnancy lbs this time around…hmmm…).

Anyway, we agreed that if they found a place that we would rent it from them as long as we could maintain our current financial situation.  Little did we know that they would find a place, put in an offer, and sign papers within two weeks!  The realtor said that escrow was to take about 30 days.  Levi’s due date was June 18th.  So, move-in weekend was scheduled to be the weekend of his due date?  Yikes!  I wasn’t sure if I should be hoping to go into labor early or late.

Well, as you know if you’ve read previous posts about Levi, I went into labor and had Levi on May 31st.  So…we moved when he was 2, almost 3, weeks old.  (I DO NOT recommend doing this if you can avoid it…very highly extremely indescribably stressful).  But the house wasn’t ready.  For whatever reasons we weren’t able to move in for an extra week.  To add to the stress, I had planned a housewarming/4th of July party at our new place.  Wow.  Not smart.  There was so much work to be done and we literally had to crunch in everything we could into just a matter of a few days!  Despite of our time constraints, however, we got a lot done and had a great 4th of July party.  So, here are some photos of last year’s shindig!

Desserts, Tableware, & Glasses

Desserts include 4 oz Pies in Jars and cupcakes.  We used pint sized Ball Mason Jars, purchased from our grocery store, for our glasses and wrapped them in a strip of bandana that was purchased from our local craft store.  Couldn’t have been easier!

Corn on the Cobcakes were adapted from Disney’s Family Fun website.  They turned out so cute and fun to eat!


Our “Red, White, & Blueberry Pies” were the show stopper.  Everyone loved them!  We used red raspberry pie, apple pie, and blueberry pie.  All of the filling was homemade–not canned.  They tasted great and were the perfect size.

We loved adding in the star on top for some of the pies.  They were so cute.  Strips of bandana just added to the overall look.


We didn’t get overly creative with the centerpieces–and they were one of my favorite elements.  The simplicity of the lone American Flag was just beautiful.  We put a little sand at the bottom of a large quart sized mason jar and tied a raffia bow.  Talk about “Old Glory.”  It really was quite beautiful.  The flags were purchased from our local craft store, but you can find them at a Dollar Store also.  Just don’t wait until the last minute or they won’t have any! 😉

Levi & I getting close :).  He was just 2 months old here.

Emery had a great time playing outside.  It sure was a hot day!

This is one of my favorite shots from the day!  Our awesome friend and photographer, Jen Beasley, did an amazing job!



4th of July is only 6.5 months away!  I’m already planning again!  Please feel free to ask any questions about any of the elements you see here!


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