Emery’s Curious George Birthday Party

Several months ago my husband and I were trying to plan our son’s 3rd birthday party.  We bounced around for themes from Disney’s Jake and the Neverland Pirates, to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  We even tossed around the idea of just having the color red as his theme.  Emery didn’t really have a preference towards anything, and neither did Josh we.  Finally, we landed on a Curious George theme!

Now, I didn’t want just any old Curious George theme.  I really wanted something more classic, vintage, memorable.  I figured we’d better start searching for some great inspiration.  After visiting countless blogs and websites with all kinds of party themes, here were our results!  I apologize ahead of time for not getting more shots…especially some broad ones.  I also didn’t get a shot of the party favors.  I will describe that I did get, though.

"Curious Emery"As I said, I really didn’t want the newer, cartoony version of Curious George.  I wanted something classic.  So, my husband started off with a photo of our little guy and made him more “curious.”  He then scanned the image onto his programs to add in the colors…etc.

This is the final product for the front of the invitation.  We looked at several Curious George books to get the best coloring and shading as possible.  The font couldn’t make me more proud.  I am thrilled with how these turned out.

Here is the back of Emery’s invitation.  We decided to go with the Curious George yellow, and added all the party details.  Again, I am so happy with how this turned out.

All of the food you see was made by me.

  • The cake pops are, of course, inspired by my favorite dessert blogger, Bakerella.  We used red candy coating and chocolate cake in the centers of each pop.  I got my candy melts from a local cake supply store, but I know you can get them at most craft and hobby stores.
  • I also made banana cream pudding cups.  They were layered with vanilla wafer cookies, banana cream pudding, and whipping cream.  I added a slice of banana and some crushed up wafers on top.  They were so good!
  • The mini cupcakes were simply chocolate or yellow cake with colored frosting whirled on.
  • I purchased the large swirl pops from Oriental Trading.  You can find all kinds of great supplies through their website.  We also purchased little white treat boxes for the kids party favors.  To dress them up, we designed labels in line with our theme and put them on the boxes.  We then tied a balloon on each box handle for the kids.  They were a lot of fun and the parents even enjoyed them
  • The water bottle labels were blank water bottle labels  purchased online.  My husband designed the label to work with our theme.  They turned out great!  Everyone loved the great touch they brought to the party.
  • We also served summer sausage, cheese, crackers, vegetables and dip, fruit, chips and salsa and other fun snacks.
  • I am so sad that our drinks weren’t pictured.  Oh well.  I will tell you about them anyway.  We used pint-sized mason jars with lemonade to drink.  We purchased red, blue, and yellow paper straws  from an Etsy shop.  Again, this was a touch that EVERYONE raved about.  We will definitely be using this shop again in the future.  In fact, I will be purchasing some for another party next month.  By the way, when she says she ships quickly, she does!  I received my straws neatly wrapped in a small flat rate shipping box within a couple of days.  I had placed a custom order.  She was very quick to respond and have my product to me.  She even added a sweet little Curious George tag to my package wishing me well with this party.  I highly recommend this shop owner!

If you have any questions about the party, please don’t hesitate to ask.  I know my husband would be happy to do other custom artwork if you’re looking for invitations for a party for you or a child you love!  Of course, he’s done more than just this Curious George invite, but I’ll post more of his wonderful designs another time!

2 thoughts on “Emery’s Curious George Birthday Party

  1. What kind of font did you use for the invites? It is the closest I’ve seen! Please let me know.

    • Hi Nancy! The font is called “Wrexham Script” and can be downloaded here for free! It is licensed as public domain so is allowed for commercial use! I hope that helps!

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