Weekly Funnies

We have had so many funny things happen over the course of Emery’s short life so far!  He just cracks us up all the time whether it is how he says a funny word, makes a noise, or something smart that he does that he doesn’t even realize!  So, here’s my first “Weekly Funnies!”  Check back frequently.  I’ll try to do Sunday-Saturday and update each post as new “funnies” happen!

Superbowl Sunday:  We went to a new church on Sunday just to visit!  We had a great time and Emery seemed to really enjoy the nursery as well.  Again, we’ve NEVER been to this church before and he went right into the room with the worker.  We stood there and watched as he ran right across the room to a toy truck and started playing.  It was so funny.  We came back an hour and a half later and yelled, “Emery!” He was so excited that we were back!  He thanked the nursery workers and we were on our way.  They made sure to tell us what a good and easy boy he was the whole time!  We were very proud  parents!
We were watching the game and all getting very excited!  The Packers made an awesome touchdown and we were all thrilled.  Emery noticed all of our excitement and started going “Yay yay! Oh my!”  He continued much of his excitement for the rest of the day! 🙂

Monday:  Emery is such a little “love-er!”  He just loves to love on and be there for his mommy.  Lately I’ve been having a bit of discomfort with the pregnancy making it more difficult to get up and down from the couch…etc.  Emery decided he wanted me to come and play with him in another room.  I tried to explain that mommy has “owies” so if he could bring his toys and books to me that I could play more easily.  That wasn’t working.  So, he kept saying, “Mommy.  Come.”  I started to try to get up and he held out his hands and pulled me off the couch as hard as he could.  Now, he helps me every time I need to get up and uses his whole body weight to help me up off the couch.

Tuesday:  I love to “milk it” when Emery feels badly for mommy.  He is always coming to my rescue when I’m sad (just like I do for him).  Like I said, I love to “milk it!”  So I will, at times, fake-cry so he comes to comfort me.  It was so funny, though, yesterday because he was sitting on a chair near the computer and I was laying on the couch.  I started to fake-cry and he was really having a hard time getting down from the couch quickly enough.  He kept saying, “Mom!  Mom!  OK!?”  He had such a concerned face as he was trying to safely dismount the chair!  He came running over to me when he was finally successful and climbed up, hugged me, and started to go, “mmm mmm mmm” as he swayed.  He then pulled away, looked in my face with a big smile and tilted and said, “Mommy?  OK?”  I said, “I am with you here.”  He decided to grab his “boppy” (blanket) and come lay down by me and fall asleep.  It was SO CUTE!

Wednesday:  After Emery woke up from his nap I decided to give him a little snack of some “bapes” (grapes).  He LOVES “bapes” and berries!  I handed him the little container of “bapes” and he was just so content!  I came back and stole a couple from him and he said, “No…” really quietly.  I smiled and said, “Yummy!”  For the rest of the time he kept handing me grapes…we ate every other one…He’s learning to share! 🙂

Emery wanted to read some books this afternoon!  So I pulled a bunch out of his little bookshelf and brought them to the livingroom.  I had to change his diaper really quickly and he grabbed “Baby Bear Baby Bear What Do You See?” by Eric Carl.  He held it above his head as I was changing him and started to read, “bear bear see? fox. fox fox see? skirl. (squirrel) skirl skirl see? goat. goat goat see? hern (heron)…etc”  It was SO FUNNY as he just “read” the whole book front to back!  Apparently we’ve read it enough that he has it down pat.

Emery really wanted to play Mario when daddy got home today…I didn’t want him to play though.  He really needs to not be playing Mario so much.  (He doesn’t really play–he watches and would be satisfied if we just left it on the demo mode all day…).  He started to get upset and we said, “do you want to read some books instead?”  “NO!  Mario!”  I said, “Why don’t you go show daddy your puzzle?”  “NO!  Mario!”  After a few minutes of ignoring his whining he looked at Josh and said, “Puzzle!?”  He had such excitement about showing daddy his puzzle.

Thursday:  Emery was very particular about what he wanted for lunch today.  He wanted a hot dog, some Doritos and a banana.  He got through most of each item but there was a little bit left of everything.  I saved what was left of the banana thinking he might eat it later…however, it doesn’t take long for bananas to discolor after hitting the air!  So, a while later Emery came to me and wanted a treat.  I said, “how about your banana?”  He said “no” for a while and later changed his mind.  I handed it to him…he looked at it and screamed as he handed it back to me.  Apparently discolored bananas are really scary.


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