2011–It’s a New Year!

I can’t believe that it’s already a new year! It seems that the older I get the faster time flies! Our family is definitely looking forward to all that is in store for us this year from a new baby, to a new nephew and all of the wonderful memories we plan to make!

The New Year is beginning with a couple of colds here in the house. Emery got sick on the 29th after a lot of goings on for Christmas. So he’s been sick for 6 days so far and we’ve seen little improvement. He had an ear infection as well and that seems to be going away. His cough sounds horrendous, though, and I just feel awful watching him so sick. I also got a cold–probably from Emery–but mine isn’t nearly as bad since I am capable of blowing my nose and doing other things I know will help.

Wednesday is Josh’s and my 3-year anniversary and it is amazing to me! Sometimes I feel like we’ve been married for so much longer since we’ve been through so much together already. Other times I feel like the last 3 years have flown by! As bumpy and crazy as it has been, I wouldn’t change any of it for the world. I am thankful to have gotten to go through the bumps and curves with Josh. We are celebrating our anniversary by heading to Burbank for the day to watch the taping (and maybe get on!) the Price is Right. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and I figure what better time than now to give it a shot!? I just hope I get to hear him say, “Come on Down” to one of us!

We’ve been in our new apartment for a couple weeks now and I still feel like it was a good move for us, so this is a good sign :). There’s always the worry that things change once you get in. There is definitely more space for us and we’re enjoying that. Emery is loving the extra space he has in his bedroom and it helps us to keep his toys in there so he can play!

We pray that you and your family have a wonderful 2011 and that you would be blessed far beyond your imagination!


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