Our family seems to undergo changes by the hour! There is never a dull moment and it is always so exciting to see where God brings us. God seems to continuously test and bless as we walk through life with him.

Talk about changes! Emery is now 19 months old and seems to be getting bigger and smarter by the day! He is such an amazing little man! He starting to say more and more words, although I can’t always understand him. When I focus I can tell what he seems to by trying to say. I love hearing him say “mama” and “dada” and just love watching him jump into Josh’s arms when he comes home from work! They have such a wonderful connection with each other and it is so special to watch! There’s nothing like watching a boy and his daddy!
Josh has been continuing to work hard at Harvest! He’s doing so well and it’s always fun to see the new projects he’s working on. I can see how much he’s grown as a designer in the last year of working there and it’s amazing! I know that this job is exactly where God wants us right now. Josh has also been playing softball on the Harvest league. He has been doing really well and was even asked to lead the Bible study last week! What an honor for the new guy! We have also been playing co-ed softball together and have been doing OK with that too!

As for me, being in California has been an interesting and long adjustment. I am still not used to the heat
but it’s getting a little better. I feel like I’m finally starting to really make some friends that I can fit in with and have fun. I’ve been praying that God would put people in my life so that I could feel more connected and I think He’s beginning to really put those people into my life in a bigger way. Moving to another state as a married adult with a child is nothing like moving to another state as a student. It’s not as easy to meet people and actually build relationships when you’re a stay-at-home mom. Most women my age are busy with school, work, or the friends that they’ve had for a long time…sometimes they just don’t have room for more, and that’s OK. I respect that. I was so excited to hang out with friends last weekend to watch the first two movies in the Twilight Saga. It was in preparation for us all going to see Eclipse on Friday night. I’m not a big movie-goer and I wasn’t ever really into the Twilight Saga, but I do enjoy them and it’s worth it to make connections and build relationships with some fun and awesome women.

I am very ready to head out to Wisconsin for 20 days! I’m really looking forward to spending time with my friends and family! I haven’t had a good visit for a while and it will be nice to just relax together. I can’t wait to see my parents and I know they’re all excited to see Emery (and me) too! I am also attending the Pampered Chef national conference in Chicago while I’m out in the Midwest! Until then Emery and I will continue to spend time out in the pool and play with toys in the house!

The last month or so Josh and I have been blessed by an amazing friend. He works at a bank and runs some wonderful programs at a local church that help people to manage their finances in a responsible and biblical way. It has truly been a blessing to meet with him! I feel like our family can finally breathe now that everything is under control. It is amazing what can happen with someone else looking into our lives! I never knew that such a small amount could go such a long way! We will be forever grateful for his insight and his service to our family!


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